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Sorbet all'Watermelon bags of 1 kg

The Sorbet all'Watermelon it is a semi-finished product for slush machine ideal for catering and very much enjoyed the end of a meal.
Dilution in the slush machine: an envelope of product+ 3 Lt of water and the yield of the product once it is mounted in the slush machine is approx 6 Lt.
You can add one part strong ( max about 200 ml)
all of the sorbets can be used for the preparation of ICE-cream:
With ice cream machine (-25°): 1 bag (1Kg) + 2 Lt of whole milk + 1 Lt of water
With slush machine new generation (-12°): 1 bag (1Kg) + 2 Lt of whole milk + 1 Lt of water

And' can get a product that is more creamy by substituting part of water with the whole milk long shelf-life. Please note that in the case of preparation with the milk. the slush machine must always be left switched on at least in the mode of conservation (frigobibita). to avoid l'souring of the same.

The Sorbet all'Watermelon if prepared with milk has a retention time in the slush machine less than a product prepared only with water. This is due to the natural deterioration of the milk. even if the long-term conservation. once opened should be consumed within a maximum of 3-4 days
Laboratory tests have verified that the product prepared only with water, it will keep quite happily for about a week in the slush machine, without any problem.
The product may contain food additives. milk and milk derivatives


Vendor : OG GROUP

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